The AltiMAX™ 365 AW

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The AltiMAX™ 365 AW is a versatile all-weather touring tire for passenger cars and crossovers. Allowing drivers the freedom to drive on one set of tires year-round, this tire carries the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe winter conditions.

  • Best-in-class all-around performance*
  • Confident driving in all weather conditions
  • Balanced performance on wet and dry roads
  • Optimal traction in deep snow

**Based on internal tire testing results of the following key performance categories: dry handling, wet handling, comfort, snow traction, and ice braking, comparing AltiMAX365 AW to Firestone WeatherGrip, Nokian WR G4 & Toyo Celsius (each at 205/65R16). On road results may vary.​


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The AltiMAX™ 365 AW

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